About Accident Angels

We specialize in helping individuals who have been injured in an

automobile or motorcycle accident.  Our case management

services help our clients, and their support team, understand the

medical system and obtain their auto insurance benefits available

under Michigan's No-Fault Auto Law, and receive the medical and

psychological services to support optimal recovery.


We have a proven track record in Case Management


  • We help our clients understand the medical benefits available under Michigan Law
  • We answer all your questions about your treatment plan and coordinate treatment with all of your physicians.  We'll even go with you to the doctor!
  • Ensure each client understands the nature of the injury, connect you with a team of professionals to assist in your recovery.
  • We advocate for each of our clients, work with your auto insurance carrier, and assure the care our patients receive will lead to maximum recovery - particularly important in the first year after an injury.

We Provide the Best Medical Treatment Team for Your Motorcycle Accident or Automobile Accident



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