Why Insurers Appreciate Accident Angels



  • We are cost-effective - Our case managers are adept at identifying pre-existing and auto injury related conditions.  This guarantees the insurer only pays for what they are responsible for.  Additionally, because our case managers work with  the patient's entire medical care team, we are able to spot duplicate services within our subscribers' treatment and prevent multiple charges for the same service.
  • We are ethical and professional - Our compliance with the Case Management Society of America guidelines reassures our clients of our intent to provide ethical and professional service.
  • Our thoroughness will save you time - You can rest assured we've done hour homework in an effort to provide diligent service and timely, clear, and accurate descriptions of the subscriber's conditions and progress - a time saver when gathering required information.
  • We help keep the claim process moving forward - Our entire staff has extensive knowledge of Michigan's No-Fault Auto Law.  Our expertise means timely referrals, we also ensure follow through of recommendations.




Insurers, please refer your subscribers to Accident Angels Injury Consultants



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