Accident Angels is the Prescription for Maximum Recovery


Why Physicians Appreciate the Case Management services provided by Accident Angels


  • Efficient office visits - Because we create an open line of communication with both the patient and insurer the case manager is able to provide an objective overview during each appointment and offer explanations for treatment.
  • We help to keep the recovery process moving forward - The case managers at Accident Angels have an in-depth understanding of our patient's symptoms, diagnosis, concerns, and recommendations for treatment because we work as in collaboration with all the members of your injury treatment team.
  • Reduction in missed and canceled appointments - Our case managers utilize an appropriate level of encouragement to ensure the client keeps all appointments.
  • Our case managers coordinate treatment with physicians and insurance companies - this means we will request an open claim letter regarding patient benefits before starting any case.



Physicians, please refer your patient's to Accident Angels Injury Consultants



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