How We Work


Case Management refers to the practice of evaluating every aspect of care to ensure the most optimal recovery for your injury.  We know each case is different and work with everyone on your treatment team to create a viable plan of care based upon your needs.  Our extensive knowledge of automobile and motorcycle accident injury, ensure we strive to achieve the maximum recovery for you injury, and will lobby for specialized treatments or services for you if you wish.  We promise to maintain open communication with your auto insurer making sure they are informed of your progress, and to make sure you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to.  More importantly, you are in control of your care!  While our case managers provide information, options, and advice, you and your family are the the one in control of all aspects of your treatment.


Our Process

  • Initial Meeting

You will meet your personal case manager at a location you determine, for example your home, hospital, or medical appointment.  You will do an initial interview with your case manager to determine your needs, and because your case manager works with you from the start, you can rest assured your case worker is a key part of every step of your recovery.

  • Assessment

Your case manager will do a detailed assessment of your needs and develop a treatment plant to ensure all of the services you need are included as part of your care plan.  We will answer any questions you may have.

  • Before each appointment

Your case manager will meet with you prior to each appointment with your physical medicine or rehabilitation doctor to discuss your current needs and any symptoms you have.

  • At each appointments

You will have the benefit of your case manager accompanying you to each doctor;s appointment related to your auto or motorcycle accident.  Your case manager will serve as an advocate who ensures none of the details you discussed between appointments are forgotten; your case manager will also take notes at each appointment, so any questions you may have after the visit can be discussed if needed.

  • Coordinated care

Between each appointment you case manager will look at your treatment plan as a whole, and ensure each member of your treatment team is informed of what other members of the team are doing.  In addition, your case manager will schedule additional services - like transportation.  All the while your case manager will remain in communication with your auto insurer to make sure you are getting all of your benefits in a timely manner.



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