At Accident Angels, we make sure you know your Treatment Team

In addition to your case manager, you will work with a number of medical professionals who will help you as you recover from your injury.


Injury treatment teams have several medical professionals including:


  • Your doctor - This person leads your team by assessing your injury, identifying your needs and writing scripts for other other services you may need, such as physical or occupational therapy.  You will likely meet this doctor once you are in the rehabilitation unit at the hospital.  Your will continue to see this doctor throughout your recovery, your Accident Angels case manager will meet with your prior to appointments and will accompany you to all auto injury related appointments.


Depending on your specific injury, you could also see one of the following:


  • Physical therapist - Helps regain balance, coordination, and strength after your accident.
  • Speech therapist - Assists with any communication issues you may have following your accident.
  • Occupational therapist - Assists in developing skills to allow you to become as independent as possible based on your injury.
  • Psychotherapist - Helps you deal with any emotional issues you face as you adjust to changes in your life because of your injury.
  • Vocational therapist - Assists with skills which will allow you to resume employment.
  • Recreational therapist - Introduces daily stimulation into your routine by helping you find renewed interest in your former hobbies and by encouraging  interest in new hobbies and activities.



Our Promise to You

Your case manager will remain in constant contact with you and all the members of your injury team.  The case manager works hard to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of the patient's needs and concerns.  Our case managers meet with you before each physical medicine and rehabilitation appointment that relate to your accident, and are trained to help deal with emotional challenges of our client face as the result of their injury.



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